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Ohavia (Oh) Phillips is an electrifying media personality from Brooklyn, New York who has achieved significant eminence in the local and international media scenes.


She is a successful media figure, skillful communicator, content creator, and Emcee, as well as the host of her own popular show, The Oh Show.


Ohavia graduated with honors from Walden University, where she earned a master's degree in crisis communication and public relations.


She has also been featured in numerous international and local magazines, including Southpark Magazine, Charlotte's Creative Newspaper, Charlotte Magazines, and Elevate Magazine, as a result of her enormous talents and demonstration of her skills.


Queen City Nerve named her the Best Local Celebrity and Best Activist. Ohavia has been featured with many brands, businesses and radio stations highlighting her stellar career over the years. Power 98, Praise 100.9, and NPR(WFAE) Charlotte are among these radio stations.


Ohavia Phillips has carved out a strong niche for herself in the crowded media landscape by projecting herself as a distinct and refreshing voice. To emphasise this, she is the host of a new podcast called “Beautiful people with Ohavia Phillips,” sponsored by Queen City Podcast Network and Orthocarolina.


Her interviews have been featured on popular digital platforms and local newsrooms in Charlotte. As she is recognized as a talented interviewer who crafts important conversations while creating safe spaces. Among her interviewees are motivation speaker and powerhouse Dr. Eric “ET” Thomas and Stacey Abrams, a well-known politician and lawyer.


Ohavia is currently an In-Arena Host with the Charlotte Hornets and Greensboro Swarm and a media business owner full-time.


Overall, Ohavia is a strong-willed communication expert who thrives in a uniquely prepared personal brand while pursuing a bigger dream to establish a multimedia company that creates positive content and meaningful dialogue while bringing communities together.